Membership is currently open to individuals from the following organisations. You will be asked to provide details of your position and organisation during the sign-up process.

To speed up the approval process and help us verify registrations, we recommend using your work e-mail address.

  1. Local Authorties
    This includes Officers and Councillors, particularly those working within the realm of Community Safety, or with individuals that may be at particular risk from Cyber-Crime. Employees of housing associations and other organisations that carry out functions on behalf of Local Authorities and have a professional interest in cyber-crime prevention are also able to join.

  2. Surrey Police
    This includes Surrey Police Officers and Police Staff of all ranks.

  3. Schools
    This includes teachers and staff at all Surrey Schools, including academies and free schools.

  4. Local Businesses and Networks
    Local businesses and Business Networks representing the interests of SMEs are welcome to join.

  5. Local Third Sector Organisations
    Employees and volunteers of charities based or operating within Surrey that undertake Cyber-Crime related work are eligible for membership. Organisations that work closely with groups that may be considered particularly vulnerable to cyber-crime may also be able to join, but we may contact you to discuss your application.

  6. Neighbourhood Watch Groups

  7. Local Media
    Editorial staff working for local media outlets are able to join.

  8. Academia
    Employees of academic bodies with a professional interest in cyber-crime are invited to join the network.

  9. Residents
    Whilst primarily intended as a resource for professionals and practitioners, Surrey residents with a personal interest in cybercrime are welcome to join.