What we do

Raise the profile and understanding of cybercrime and internet safety in Surrey to help local organisations better safeguard themselves and others.

Support the dissemination of preventative messages through the Network's pooled communication channels.

Provide a platform where knowledge, intelligence, research and best practice can be shared between members.

Provide members with up-to-date information concerning upcoming events and initiatives, allowing for better coordination of preventative activity.

  1. Easy access to the latest alerts, news, warnings and cybercrime prevention messages: The Network automatically collates information from trusted sources, ensuring that everything you need to know is all in one place.

  2. Access to the latest local intelligence: We routinely publish local intelligence obtained from surveys and work with local organisations, including schools and businesses. We are also developing a Cybercrime Profile for Surrey, which will be made available through the Network.

  3. A one-stop-shop for all the latest and best e-safety advice and resources: Our regularly updated Resource Hub brings together everything in one place, allowing members to share their own material and rate that of others.

  4. Alerts by email: No need to log in all the time - you can subscribe to specific content and we'll automatically email you whenever something matches your areas of interest.

  5. Easy networking: Looking for help or advice? Members can discuss internet safety projects and campaigns on the Network’s forums.

  6. Shared Network Calendar: Members are able to publicise upcoming events and see those of others, ensuring better coordination of work.


Embed content on your website

It is now possible to embed content from the CyberSafe Network directly on your organisation’s website or intranet. Click here for more information.


The Network automatically aggregates content from a wide variety of trusted sources, including: